Howdy! My name is Nate Derbinsky.

I am a teacher, a researcher, a software developer, and an entrepreneur. I pursue exciting opportunities to learn and apply technologies that scale to solve important problems in the world.

News. Latest announcements.

  • New Publication. EAAI 2018
  • New Publication. KEOD 2017
  • New Position. Associate Teaching Professor, Northeastern University
  • New Award. President's Award for Distinguished Scholarship
  • New Patent. Method and Device for Three-Weight Message-Passing Optimization Scheme

Research. Artificial general intelligence.

Developing agents with human-level intelligence: real-time systems that persist for long periods of time while autonomously contending with, and improving performance on, a variety of tasks.

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Teaching. Passion, inclusion, respect.

Adapting an inclusive learning environment in which to confront challenging ideas.

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Personal. Learning, giving back.

Tinkering with and applying new technologies in real-world contexts.

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