• hyp: (hyponym) type-of, word or phrase whose semantic field is included within that of another word
    [organism, living_thing], [food, substance]

  • ent: (entailment, verbs only)
    [breathe, inhale], [sneeze, exhale]

  • sim: (similarity, adj. only)
    [hands-on, active], [inactive, dull]

  • mm: (member meronym, nouns only) member-of
    [Person, People]
    • inverse: mh

  • ms: (substance meronym, nouns only) substance-of
    [oxtail, oxtail soup]
    • inverse: hs

  • mp: (part meronym, nouns only) part-of
    [cell, organism]
    • inverse: hp

  • der: (derivationally related)
    [unit, unify]

  • cls: (class membership)
    [cell, biology], [blind_alley, figure_of_speech], [outcaste, India]
    • inverse: mem

  • cs: (cause of, verbs only)
    [cause_to_sleep, sleep], [keep_up, sit_up], [anaestesize, slumber]
    • inverse: cb

  • vgp: (verb group)
    [keep up, follow]

  • at: the attribute relation between noun and adjective synset pairs in which the adjective is a value of the noun
    [mercantilism, commercial]

  • ant: (antonym)
    [seamless, seamed]